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Nuke CFC Unit


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Nuke Performance

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The Nuke Performance CFC Unit - Competition Fuel Cell Unit, with integrated fuel surge tank and fuel pump hanger. Fits the most common fuel cells for your every need.
The next-gen and the perfect solution for a modern, lightweight, safe, and functional fuel setup for serious builds for track days, time attack, drifting, or any other type of motorsports. Eliminates fuel starvation during racing.

 Fits your standard aftermarket Fuel Cell
 Lowest weight "drop-in surge tank" available
 Integrated 2 liter Fuel Surge Tank function
 Single AN-10 (7/8 UNF) outlet fitting, fittings included
 Steady flow even well over 2000 horsepower
 All fittings included, both for the outlet and return
 Made in Sweden
 100% proof for E85, methanol, and petrol

The Nuke Performance CFC Unit eliminates the need for an external surge tank which is other needed when running a fuel cell, it is a perfect use for fuel injected systems. Use with PWM control, combined with the CFC Unit it is an effective solution to prevent emerging heat when running numerous fuel pumps. This is the best way to eliminate fuel starvation that may occur in motorsports. And with the use of the standardized 6x10" 24-bolt fill plate pattern, it fits close to all fuel cells on the market.


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Nuke CFC Unit

Nuke CFC Unit

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