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Deposito combustible NUKE Pyrotect Elite Fuel Cell 30,28L


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Pyrotect PyroCell Elite fuel cells are lightweight FIA / FT3 Approved for all major racing and motorsports associations.
Ultra-durable double coated urethane fabric bladder delivered with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit - drop-in fuel pump hanger with integrated surge tank functionality. The most efficient and lightweight solution on the market, used by worldwide motorsports teams and safe for all alcoholic fuels such as ethanol. 

 Extremely lightweight fuel cell
 FIA Approved for all type of motorsports
 100% E85 Approved
 Urethane fabric bladder, for motorsports use
 Available in several sizes, for all needs
 Integrated 2 liter Fuel Surge Tank function
 Fits single or dual high-pressure fuel pumps
 Low profile fuel filler cap with integrated roll-over valve
 AN-10 outlet / AN-8 return, fittings included

The high-quality PyroCell Elite fuel cells from Pyrotect is the top of the line fuel cells made out of ultra-durable double coated urethane fabric and with internal foam baffling and with the integrated CFC Unit from Nuke Performance, which eliminates the need for an external surge tank which is other needed when running a fuel cell, it is a perfect use for fuel injected systems. The fuel cell is safe for all types of fuels, including ethanol, and methanol.


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Deposito combustible NUKE Pyrotect Elite Fuel Cell 30,28L

Deposito combustible NUKE Pyrotect Elite Fuel Cell 30,28L

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